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World Wide Community Humanitarian Aid

The success of our Mercy Aid Ministry is in “Networking”. We believe that “All” organizations whether they be Humanitarian, FoodBanks, Church Groups or Mercy Ship Ministries that are world-wide and in the business of supplying assistance to the “Poor & Needy” and those in Natural Emergency’s, need to be in touch with each other on a continuous basis and humble themselves in sharing resources knowing there is more than a plentiful supply of foods and materials etc to meet the demands of the world today.


We believe that our Emergence Aid Ministry needs to utilize every possible means; Churches, Humanitarian Organizations, People, Business, Materials and land or sea transport, to support all Australian States & World Countries that are going through man made or natural disasters with equipment that will enable them to get back to a position where they can be self-supporting and independent. This can be only be achieved if “All” concerned parties through-out the world that have a compassionate heart will humble themselves knowing that “Not One Person” Organization or Government” can do it alone. Through networking and sharing information on a global basic and utilizing large and small support groups, then and only thencan we see a change. So billions of dollars and materials that have been wasted or held back, in the past from the victims of floods, earthquakes and tsunami’s because of lack of information, transport, planning and infrastructure can be utilized to make sure that people come first before greed.


“Our solution to the worlds food waste problem is Distribution”.

We will collect any amount of non-perishable foods for (15cents per kg) from United Kingdom, Canada, America or Europe by our Cargo Cadet Sailing Ships and distribute the produce to Australian Network of “Food-Banks” and to other Christian missions that are in desperate need of assistance.

The cost to the Supermarkets, Processors and Distributors is only a fraction of the cost that it takes to transport and dump this product in landfills. The benefits that they will gain is seeing that there domestic market is not effected. Also the advantages to our “Sailing Ship Heritage” in Australia and the World, is that they will be sponsoring a return to sail where young and old alike can experience the thrill of a square rig sailing ship on long sea voyages. We consider this of immense value where such training must tend to develop character building and leadership training for all alike.

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